The Wood Bike Project

Thank you to everyone that has donated to the Scott family, Friday August 16, 2013 Yolanda Scott returned home. While we will not feel the joy of being in her company may we find peace in knowing that she is with her Lord, her Mother, her Father and her grandson Santana. Yolanda left this earth with a smile and may we always remember her that way.
Her last night here she was her wonderful self, full of life and love and more eager to hear about the joys of others than to complain or dwell on her situation. Yolanda is an amazing spirit; her love and passion for the joy of living will go on in those who called her mother, friend and family.
the Scott children have lost an amazing mother and while she was here with them God gave them more than most could hope for. Yolanda was a true testament to God’s love.

Yolanda lived life to the fullest her smile, laughter and encouragement will be forever missed.


Donate to MDA or directly to The Scott Family Trust 

Our Mission
The Natural Way, Inc has grown from humble beginnings and we are fortunate to have a loyal customer base that shares our love of the environment and our community.  We have a unique opportunity this summer to raise awareness and, provide support for a family close to us by combining the industry we love and Robert’s passion for biking.

Our business manager, Andrea, has a close friend Yolanda Scott, age 39, who has been diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Her own mother died of this disease at the age of 38 when Yolanda was only 16.  Her father died when she was two.  Last year Yolanda lost her grandson to SIDS at only 6 weeks of age.  Yolanda is a Native American who has had a difficult and trying life, yet her optimism, kindness and positive attitude are an inspiration to all who meet her.  Andrea is adopting her 17 year old son Jordano. Yolanda’s other child Shantelle, is 20 and at our office being trained as a receptionist. She is hoping to start college in the fall.

Our awareness project is to turn a tree into a mountain bike and to race it at one of the hardest and most challenging mountain bike races in the world, the Leadville 100.  The Leadville 100 is a hundred mile mountain bike race that STARTS at over 10,000 ft elevation.   The race is August 10th, 2013.  Our goal is to raise awareness regarding health, sustainability, and the environment by raising money and awareness to help combat this terrible and debilitating disease.

The Bike
A white ash tree that was recently hit on the median of 6th Ave in Denver was donated to us by the Denver Forestry Dept.  A black walnut tree which died of a new disease in Colorado (Thousand Cankers Disease), was cut down at a residential property in Denver and will be used to provide accent for the bike.  Another white ash that was removed on the now defunct Green Gables Country Club in Lakewood to clear way for retail development will provide additional wood for the bike.  The wood from all of these tree was milled by Wood Source in north Denver.  We are kiln drying the boards at The Natural Way facility using heat, de-humidification, and circulating air.  

Chris Conner, of Conner Wood Bicycles will be building the frame and handlebars.  Wooden rims have been procured from an Italian wooden wheel company.  We will be using a Gates Rubber Belt Drive to deliver power to the rear wheel.  Colorado based DT Swiss will be providing the fork and other components.  Schwab Cycles in Lakewood will be building the wheels and providing other equipment.  Pedal Bicycles in Littleton will also be providing support and components.  BrandNew Industies, Inc. helped offset the cost of a branding iron to brand our bike with.  Other partners are lining up to help with this project as well; we welcome any additional help for this ever growing and exciting project. 

Help Us
Please help us in this ambitious and worthy fundraising project.  Tell all your family and friends!  Please share our story and help us make a difference in the lives of these two children and to combat this horrible disease. Follow our progress on Facebook

Thank you any help you can possibly provide
Robert Brudenell

Donate to MDA or directly to The Scott Family Trust 
The Wood Bike Project